Bulletproof Starter Kit – Keto Coffee

I’m loving this Bulletproof Starter Kit – Keto Coffee means you can enjoy this while staying in ketosis .

It contains everything you need to make an amazing keto friendly bulletproof coffee that will blast you out of bed in no time.

Product description:

A complete kit which contains the three top quality ingredients you’ll need to make your bulletproof coffee. You’ll recieve 120z Ground Original Roast Clean Coffee, 16oz MCT Brain Octane Oil made from 100% Coconuts and 13.5 oz Grass Fed Ghee. All ingredients are keto friendly.

My ranking: 9.5/10

Bulletproof Starter Kit, 12oz Ground Original Roast Clean Coffee, 16oz Ketogenic MCT Brain Octane Oil made from 100% coconut, 13.5oz Grass-Fed Ghee, Perfect For Keto Diet


This product definitely lives up to its reputation! The coffee is smooth and delicious, the MCT oil and Ghee are top quality.

I was looking for all the benefits starting your day with a bulletproof coffee brings, and this delivered big time:

  • Gives you a big energy kick that you’ll feel for hours
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Makes you more creative and focused
  • Decreases damaging inflammation in your body which leads to numerous health problems
  • Kills harmful gut bacteria, and balances healthy bacteria
  • keeps you full for hours

This coffee is like a magic bullet!

I can feel the difference for hours, focused, alert and in a great mood. Plus it keeps me feeling full until a late lunch.

I love the fact that it fits well with my keto diet too.

The coffee supplied lasts for about 25-30 cups, depending on how strong you like it.

I varied the amount of Ghee and MCT until I liked both the taste and the effect.


I would go easy on the MCT if you’re new to this oil. I can’t say enough good things about it, but you do need to introduce it slowly to avoid any digestive issues. Start with a teaspoon per day and slowly increase the amount.

It’s not cheap but this is off set by the quality and the fact that it can last about 30 days.


If you’re looking for a product that will super charge your day as well as giving you some amazing focus and health benefits, then I recommend this 100%.

I love to ring the changes too by adding a little whipped cream from time to time.

There is nothing better than starting the day feeling wide awake, energized and focused for the whole morning. This actually keeps me feeling so full that I can easily work right through lunch if I need to.

This coffee fits in well with the keto diet, and can also play a big part in helping you to reach your weight loss goals.






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