Cider Apple Vinegar And Keto Diet

The words Cider Apple Vinegar and Keto Diet seem to be appearing together more and more often.  So does taking cider apple vinegar help to boost the amazing effects of the keto diet?

What is Cider Apple Vinegar?

Cider Apple Vinegar and Keto Diet

Cider Apple Vinegar is made by fermenting apple juice by adding yeast. This changes the apple juice into cider.

By the addition of yeast,  acetic acid is produced as a result of the oxication of the ethanol in the cider.

It is this acid and some other trace acids which are held to be responsible for the health benefits of Cider Apple Vinegar (CAV)

Due to the fact that CAV is vertually carbohydrate free, it is a keto diet friendly product.

What are the health claims for Cider Apple Vinegar?

Cider Apple Vinegar and Keto Diet

There are several health claims made and they appear to be supported by science.

Control of blood/glucose levels

Maintaining the correct levels of blood/glucose is very important for health.

Many people are using the keto diet as a way of  managing or reversing type 2 diabetes.

So this is a very important consideration for this group of people.

High levels of blood/glucose  plays a decisive role in the development of chronic metabolic disorders.

Also, this study  found that:

vinegar can be effective in reducing postprandial glucose and insulin levels, indicating it could be considered as an adjunctive tool for improving glycemic control.

Further, this study showed that vinegar seemed to increase the uptake of glucose in the muscles as well as slowing down the production of glucose inbetween meals.

Appetite control

Cider Apple Vinegar And Keto Diet

Apple cider vinegar has been shown to reduce appetite when taken with starchy foods.

This is because the ACV slows down digestion which keeps you feeling full for longer.

In support of this, this study  demonstrated that CAV before a starchy meal will  help to keep blood/glucose levels stable.

It is proven that spikes in blood/glucose levels will often cause rebound hunger. The fact that ACV helps to prevent this will help to reduce appetite and the chances of you reaching for a snack.

A word of caution

Diabetics should take care when taking CAV  because it could lower blood sugar levels, ( 1.)

Further,  some medications such as like insulin, Digoxin  and diuretic drugs may interact negatively with CAV.

CAV can also  further reduce an existing low potassium level.

If you have a health condition we suggest you seek the advice of your health provider before using CAV.

Weight loss

Cider Apple Vinegar And Keto Diet

This study looked at the effect of taking CAV  and weight loss.

They found that:

The ACV significantly reduced body weight, BMI, Hip circumference, visceral adiposity index (VAI) and appetite score (P ≤ 0.00).

 Thus, ACV along with RCD can be considered as an effective strategy for reducing anthropometric parameters, TG and TC level, VAI, appetite and increasing HDL-C concentration in overweight or obese individuals.

However, it has to be said that this was a small study and more research does need to be be done .

Further, this study  looked at 39 subjects who were given a low calorie diet and  cider apple vinegar. They  compared this diet with a low calorie diet alone for 12 weeks.

They found that the people who were given the CAVResearchers found that the participants who took apple cider vinegar lost more weight and had a lower BMI.

Plus they also improved their cholesterol and triglyceride levles.

Their conclusion was that Cider Apple Vinegar may help with weight loss when used with other weight loss interventions.

Cardiovascular health

Cider Apple Vinegar and Keto Diet

Being overweight can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, losing weight with the aid of apple cider vinegar can lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

There is  some research to show that apple cider vinegar may help to lower blood cholesterol levels and so be good for the heart .

However, most of this research comes from studies in mice, so we need to be careful about extrapolating to humans.

Antibiotic benefits

There is a lot of evidence that fermented foods are good for our health.

This is due to the ability of these foods to act on unhealthy gut bacteria, and help to balance the levels of healthy bacteria.

Furthermore, this study  was presented by Dr Darshna Yagnik on August 21, 2017.  (3rd Annual Congress on Infectious Diseases  San Francisco, California).

He found that CAV had antibiotic properties. He stated:

Apple cider vinegar  displays potent antibiotic activity directly against Escherichia Coli and Candida albicans and within in vitro monocytes exposed to microbes by inhibiting inflammatory cytokine secretion

CAV displayed potent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory activity against E. coli and Candida albicans. It could be potentially therapeutic in cases of antibiotic resistance and sepsis.

Cider Apple Vinegar and the keto Diet

For those on a keto diet there is evidence that adding Cider Apple Vinegar to your diet could be of benefit.

It can help to stabalize blood sugar and reduce appetite.

It will also help to prevent you from reaching for snacks inbetween meal times.

It has a mild taste and you can use it with salads or as a marinade.

Cider Apple Vinegar and Keto Diet

There is  evidence that CAV has a positive impact on health  and can help to prevent chronic diseases and infections.

 While its certainly true that more studies are  needed , adding CAV to your keto diet could help to boost your results.

You should keep your intake moderate, and follow the guidance on the product  you choose.

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  1. Thanks so much, Judy, learned something new, which I always like. I should give this a try!
    Love your infographic too. Looks great 🙂

    1. Hi Hannie,

      Thanks for your comments.

      I’m always pleased to hear that someone has enjoyed one of our articles here at

      Apple Cider Vinegar has a lot of health benefits and is definitely something to consider using.

      Best wishes,


  2. I have always known that cider apple vinegar has many benefits. We use it mostly because we like the taste, but, when my husband got diagnosed with diabetes 2 I completely forgot to suggest discussing with his doctor this as means of additional blood sugar control. Considering all the benefits you precisely described here, I should have.
    Thank you for this wonderful reminder, now I surely will.

    1. Hi Minaher,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      There is evidence that Apple Cider Vinegar can help to stabilize blood/glucose levels, so could be very useful for your husband.

      I agree, discuss this with your health provider first, especially if he is taking medication.

      Best wishes,


  3. I love apple cider vinegar for many reasons such as its good for gut health as it’s fermented. It’s a weight loss drink because it suppresses appetite and it control my sugar cravings.

    I loved reading your post and getting more motivated by the ACV usage.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Habib,

      Thanks for your comment.

      It seems as if you’re already a fan of Apple Cider Vinegar. As you say, its great for appetite suppression as well as having multiple other health benefits.

      Pleased you enjoyed the article.

      Best wishes,


  4. I have heard of Cider Apple Vinegar long time ago saying it’s good but I have no ideas what benefits it actually bring until read your article. I didn’t know that it has so much benefits. Thank you for your informative post.

    I’m just wondering is it suitable for people with gastric problem.

    1. Hi Janet,

      Cider Apple Vinegar has many health benefits.

      However, if you have gastric problems you should consider seeking the advice of your medical provider before you do anything else.

      Best wishes,


  5. Thank you Judy,
    My cousin has type 2 diabetes and she is really struggling to keep her glucose levels stable. I will recommend it to her.
    I never knew that apple vinegar has does so much good to our body.

    1. Hi Nataliya,

      There are certainly a lot of benefits fo apple vinegar.

      If your cousin has type two diabetes she should consider trying the keto diet. It has numerous health and weight loss benefits. It is also well known for its ability to reverse type 2 diabetes, somethimes within weeks of starting.

      Best wishes,


  6. I’ve been hearing about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s also being promoted here in Korea as well. You know, Koreans have a thing for fermented food like Kimchi.

    And I’ve been wanting to try it. But the thing is I’m acidic. Do you think it won’t cause me any harm if I take it?

    1. Hi Mina,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Normally the risk of using apple cider vinegar for acid reflux is minimal. Many people drink it daily for blood sugar control, weight loss, and more without experiencing adverse effects. However, more research is needed with regard to long term effects.

      Some have found that apple cider vinegar makes heartburn worse. You will need to experiment and see how this goes for you.

      Best wishes,


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