TRX All-In-One Bodyweight Resistance Training

There is overwhelming evidence that adding resistance training to your keto diet or intermittent fasting regime will super charge your path to your weight loss and health goals. THE TRX ALL-IN-ONE HOME GYM BUNDLE Bodyweight Resistance Training is a BEST-SELLING TRAINING SYSTEM.

What can resistance training do for your body?

TRX ALL-IN-ONE Bodyweight resistance training

Resistance training increases muscle mass by causing your muscles to work against your weight together with a force such as weights or resistance bands.

Resistance training will also:

  • Build muscle strength and tone
  • Build muscle size
  • Improve bone density and strength – reduced risk of osteoporosis
  • Improve joints 
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve balance
  • Weight management – as your muscle to fat ratio improves, your metabolic health will increase.

With regular resistance training there will also be an improvement in aerobic ability and heart and lung function.

Home workout v Gym

TRX ALL-IN-ONE Bodyweight resistance training

Going to the gym is great, but not everyone has the time or spare cash to do this regularly.

If your gym is a car journey away, you may like to streamline your daily exercise routine by doing your training at home.

By doing this you will be able to make the most of any spare hour or so, and get in some all important training at a time that fits in with your schedule.

This is where the TRX ALL-IN-ONE BUNDLE will fill the gap in your training needs.

If you often travel or prefer to save time by working out at home, this completely portable, lightweight resistance training kit is going to be the one for you.

The whole pack weighs in at 2lb/0.91kg, and comes in an easy to use carry bag.

This amazing exercise system will create full-body workouts for you anywhere, anytime.

It offers a huge range of exercises and comes in at a very affordable price, making it a great choice for at-home training.

There’s no need to purchase a home gym, that can cost many times more. This really is a gym in a bag.

The included Digital Workouts teach you to rapidly achieve incredible results: Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Strengthen Core, Increase Endurance & Improve Flexibility to Look & Feel Your Best!

TRX All In One Home Gym Bundle: Includes All-In-One Suspension Trainer, Indoor & Outdoor Anchors, TRX XMount Wall Anchor, 4 Exercise Bands & Shaker Bottle​

This is what the TRX can do:

CREATE FULL BODY WORKOUTS: Anywhere, Anytime. Includes Suspension Training Strap, Indoor/Outdoor Anchors, 35-Page Workout Guide & 2 Bonus Workouts, PLUS a FREE 30-Day Trial on the NEW TRX App

  • FAST RESULTS:For ALL Skill Levels, ALL Health & Fitness Goals! Digital Workouts teach you to rapidly achieve incredible results: Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Strengthen Core, Increase Endurance & Improve Flexibility.
  • MOVEMENT-BASED TRAINING: Refine & Master 7 Simple Foundation Moves: Push, Pull, Plank, Squat, Lunge, Hinge & Rotate.
  • WORKOUT ANYWHERE: TRX easily anchors to doors, rafters or beams at home OR anywhere outdoors to trees, poles or posts. Weighing roughly 1 pound, TRX Travels Light & Fast—and has even been Safety-Tested to Support Up To 350 Pounds of Resistance.

Does it live up to the hype? This is what others are saying:


When our gym got these they were so popular you couldn’t even get on them. My husband and I decided to get a set for our home too. It attaches to any beam or pole. We attach ours to one of the beams in our garage. It is easy to install and use. There are so many exercises you can use it for, lunges, squats, triceps, etc. It uses your own body weight so also great for those who are worried about using heavy weights. It is lightweight and portable so you can take it with you on trips. All you need is something to hang it from. Comes with a draw string bag for storing or traveling with it. Also, great for times when you can’t get out of the house (kids napping, etc) when you  just want to do a 20-minute workout.


No more having to go down to the gym to get a good work out. Was introduced to TRX by our trainer, who made this a large part of our workouts. We are glad we got one for home use. We are both in our mid sixties and find TRX is one of our better workout investments.


There is almost no limit to the number of exercises you can do with this. The kit comes with a DVD of exercises. When you sign up online, they give you access to even more videos. You can use the videos to learn how to do the motions of exercises, and you can exercise with the videos. They give you reasonable amounts of time to do different motions and then time to swap to a new motion’s setup. I setup my laptop in the hotel room so I could see the display while I was using the TRX. I can almost always hook it over the door to the room. Sometimes I use the bathroom door.


You need a secure door, and plenty of space for your workout. A hallway wouldn’t give you enough room. Many people use their garage or spare room.

You will need somewhere to anchor the straps, so this will limit where you can use it especially outside. You’d need a tree or a strong post.

The other issue is with the price. We know it’s a quality product, and has a great following, but it doesn’t come cheap.

It’s certainly many times cheaper than a home gym, but more expensive than some similar systems.

Does it work?

This method of training is an easy way to build up your muscle mass by using your body weight to create a resistance training session.

All muscle groups can be targeted, and it will improve overall strength as well as tone your whole body.

With so many exercises you will be able to train your whole body and you’ll be reaching your fitness goals very quickly.

What you will gain:

This system is designed for anyone from beginner to athlete. The training can be adjusted to completely fit with your needs.

The strap adjustments take a few minutes to set to your height. The training is low impact, so there is less of a chance that you will cause an injury, or make a weak point worse.

This is a fast workout system that will help you to achieve core strength and flexibility.

You will be able to increase your strength, reach your weight loss goals and enjoy multiple health benefits at the same time.

The TRX ALL-IN-ONE is an amazing piece of equipment. It’s compact, portable and easy to set up anywhere where you have something that can act as an anchor point.

Even if you´re  no expert, the training can be adjusted to your needs.

For athletes, there is still the difficulty level that you would be looking for in a workout.

The system delivers a quick and effective resistance training, using your own body weight and gravity.

Resistance training is recommended for all ages, including older people and has been shown to have multiple health benefits as well as helping you to reach your target weight and fitness goals.
TRX All In One Home Gym Bundle: Includes All-In-One Suspension Trainer, Indoor & Outdoor Anchors, TRX XMount Wall Anchor, 4 Exercise Bands & Shaker Bottle​




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