Keto Food Chart (100 top foods with nutritional values)

This keto Food Chart lists 100 top keto foods with their nutritional values. Use the chart  to compare different foods and to help you to work out what you can eat to stay within your marcos.

By choosing a variety of foods from the chart you will get your keto diet off to a good start, and be able to easily see if you are staying within your daily allowances which will ensure that you reach your goals.

You need to keep your net daily carbohydrates to under 20 g. That’s total carbs minus any carbs in the form of fiber. Fiber is a healthy addition to your diet but it passes through your body and so you are able to ignore these carbs when calculating your daily intake.

Aim for medium protein. The recommended amount is 0.8g per kilo of weight, or 036g per pound. As a rule of thumb this is about 56g per day for men and slightly less at 46g per day for women. However, this does vary depending on who you ask, and sometimes the recommendation is for a higher amount. As long as you remember that keto is medium protein and you don’t stray too far from this, you will be good to go.

For your intake of fat, it must be high fat, at least 70% of your daily calories should come from healthy fats.

Keep to these macros, increasing or decreasing your total amount eaten (depending on your personal goals)and you will be on the road to weight loss and all the health benefits that come with being in ketosis.

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