Vitamin Supplements For Hair Loss

Vitamin supplements for hair loss

Which are the best vitamin supplements for hair loss? When you notice that your hair is falling out find should you take a supplement? Vitamin supplements are sometimes but not always needed to regrow your hair.

When don’t you need vitamin supplements for hair loss?

Vitamin supplements are only going to work if you’re actually short of those vitamins.

There are many claims often seen on vitamin supplements.

However, if you don’t have a deficit of one of the vitamins needed for healthy hair, taking even more vitamins isn’t going to help you.

When we take vitamins without needing them they are simply pushed through and out of our body.

It’s not possible to super boost your hair growth by taking more vitamins than you need.

Consider your diet and lifestyle over the past three months. Are you eating a nutritionally sound diet?

If you are, there is very little chance that a lack of vitamins is the cause of your hair fall.


It has long been recognized that stress can cause hair loss. The hair loss often does not become obvious for about three months.

If you have been through a bereavement or other loss in the past few months, this can show in your hair.

Stress is the most likely reason that you’re seeing more hair than normal in your hairbrush.

In this case, you may well need some help to deal with your stressful situation.

Fortunately, your hair will recover naturally over the following three months.

When can vitamin supplements work for hair loss?

Only when you have a genuine vitamin deficiency will supplements help to slow down and reverse your hair loss.

There are a few reasons for why you may be short of vitamins. These include:

Starting a diet

Starting a diet (any diet) and reducing your overall intake too drastically will show in your hair.

When your body registers a lack of nutrients it seeks to conserve what energy it still has available.

Only essential body functions are taken care of. Your body will prioritize sending resources to your brain, heart and lungs.

Growing hair is not considered essential, and important vitamins and minerals will not be used for this purpose.

If you’ve started a low carb or keto diet read

Hair loss on Keto

You have had a major illness

Again, resources would have been directed to helping you to overcome your illness.

Unfortunately hair loss is often experienced several months later.

Vitamin supplements may be necessary for a while after you have been ill, especially if your appetite was seriously reduced.

Only take a supplement if its something you’re deficient in

Vitamin supplements for hair loss can work, but only if you’re correcting an existing vitamin deficiency.

There isn’t much evidence that says that by taking vitamins you can grow your hair longer or faster than it would normally grow.

So, if you’ve just started a diet, lost a lot of weight or have been ill, a supplement can help you to slow or reverse your hair loss.


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Be consistent with taking your vitamin supplement. Hair fall will take at least 60 days to correct.

At the same time, consider your diet, and see where you can be introducing more nutrients. Make sure that you’re eating enough for your daily energy needs.

Together with a vitamin supplement, you should soon see your hair fall stop and your hair to return to its normal thickness and length.

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