6 Ways To Boost Your Immune System At Home

It’s no surprise that people are looking to boost their immune systems. Now more than ever, the importance of having a healthy immune system is something concerning us all. These 6 ways to boost your immune system at home can be done quickly and cheaply.

Furthermore, no expensive drugs or supplements are required.

Just follow the 6 methods outlined here and your immune system will be given a super healthy boost quickly.

What are the 6 ways to boost your immune system at home?

6 ways to boost your immune system at home

Maintain a healthy weight:

6 ways to boost your immune system at home

This is the single most important thing that your can do for yourself to keep as healthy as possible.

Sadly, obesity is the biggest cause of disease today.

Many conditions such as type 2 diabetes, some cancers and even Alzheimer’s disease can be traced to a poor diet. This in turn is the cause for almost all obesity.

It is now proven that a diet high in carbohydrates, especially simple carbs such as sugar, is damaging to your health.

Further, a high carb diet will cause the release of high levels of insulin which is the signal for your body to store fat.

To maintain a normal body weight naturally, your should consider adopting a low carbohydrate or a keto diet.

Not only will this type of diet help your to maintain a healthy weight it will also reduce dangerous inflammation in your body.

This chronic inflammation will damage your immune system and increase your risk of developing numerous diseases.

To counter this, make a big effort to avoid seed oils and sugar These offer no nutritional benefit and are seriously bad for your health.

Intermittent fasting

Additionally, consider intermittent fasting.

This refers to eating all your meals within a certain time window (normally 8 hours) and fasting for the rest of the day.

Importantly, intermittent fasting triggers the process of autophagy.

This is a natural physical process whereby your body cleanses itself of old or damaged cells.

It is vital to a fully functioning immune system.


6 ways to boost your immune system at home

After diet, exercise is an important part of any healthy lifestyle.

Almost any exercise is going to be good for you.

Find a way of exercising that your enjoy and your’ll be more likely to make a habit of doing it.

Walking, swimming, jogging, zumba or running are all good choices.

However, resistance training is especially beneficial.

This is because resistance training can build muscle and works well in conjunction with a low carb diet.

Further, it’s able to trigger autophagy and will help towards maintaining your weight.

It’s also a great exercise regime that is easy to do at home with a minimum of equipment.

This makes it great for people who can’t get to the gym, or prefer to exercise at home.

Try to put in about 90 minutes of training 2 or 3 times each week.

Don’t feel your have to increase this time.

It’s now proven that long hours in the gym are of no additional benefit to your keep fit plan.

Get enough Sleep

6 ways to boost your immune system at home

This is one necessity for a health immune system that is often overlooked.

It has been proven that the length and quality of sleep is a factor in the risk of many health conditions.

These include:

  • Heart Disease, stroke and total cardiovascular disease (1)
  • Impaired glucose tolerance and an increased risk of diabetes (2) (3)
  • Increased inflammation (4)
  • Crohn’s disease (5)
  • Reduced immune responses (6)
  • Depression (7)

Try to get about 8 hours of good quality sleep each night.

You may need to make sure that your bedroom is dark enough and quiet.

Consider limiting phone and computer use in the three hours before bed time

Yoga or meditation can help to clear your mind of worries and make your more able to drop off to sleep.

Consider the temperature of your bedroom too. Too hot or too cool and your will wake up several times during the night.

Get enough sunshine

Sunlight is good for us. It helps us to make vitamin D, which in turn enables us to absorb calcium which keeps our bones strong.

It lowers blood pressure and has been linked to longevity in several studies including this one .

The trick seems to be in getting out into the sunshine a little and often. Obviously your’ll need to consider your skin type, and where your live.

There isn’t a more pleasurable way to help to boost your immune system than 15 minutes of direct sunshine each day.

Spend time with friends

6 ways to boost your immune system at home

There is overwhelming evidence that social contacts don’t just make us feel young.

Being with friends impacts on our hormones in a positive way and enhances our immune system.

Ideally, your would be spending some face to face time with your friends.

However, when this isn’t possible consider a phone call or Skype.

Some time spent catching up and enjoying a laugh with your fiends will improve your immune system as well as improving your mood.


Most of us have a few things we need to face each day which could cause us some stress.

Your journey to work may be stressful, your work itself may be stressful.

Even being at home doing nothing can be stressful if you have money issues or children to worry about.

Whatever causes stress in your life the outcome is the same; stress hormones will flood into your body.

These will in time make your more susceptible to illness and will impair your immune system function.

It’s vital that your learn to de stress and find a way to relax.

Sometimes it’s necessary to make a major life or work change but more often than not. It’s about recognizing stress in your body and doing something about it.

There are many proven ways of helping yourself to relax. These include:

  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Exercise
  • Meditation

Further, a low carb diet is as helpful for stress as it is for weight management.

A keto or low carb diet will stabilize your blood/glucose levels which results in your feeling calmer and more focused.

Try several of these methods until your find one that works well for your and your life style.

None of these methods are instant, but it’s worth putting in the work and getting on top of your stress.

People are often put off trying to boost their immune system.

They imagine it requires supplements, prescribed drugs or a lot of effort.

In reality, keeping your immune system in good condition is as simple as keeping yourself healthy.

By taking care of your diet, exercise, sleep and social contacts your’ll be keeping your immune system functioning as well as it can.

Throw in some sunshine and you’ll be minimizing your chances of becoming ill.

At the same time you will maximize your ability to fight off any infection or virus that comes your way.


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