The Best Keto Diet Plan

The keto diet is going from strength to strength. Each day thousands of people decide to use the keto system to reach their weight loss and health goals. To get you started here is the best keto diet plan you’ll find anywhere.

It’s not a set list of meals, which you can follow. There’s nothing wrong with these sort of plans, if that’s your thing. We have a great free keto diet plan (28 day keto diet plan) which you can follow. Just click the link. It’s completely free.

However, no matter how good a set plan is (and our plan is good!) there is nothing as great as a simple set of rules and instructions which you can follow to make the meals you enjoy.

Once you have the rules and basics in mind, there is no end to the fantastic healthy keto meal plans that you can develop for yourself.

If you want to eat nothing but Bacon one day, go ahead. If you hate bacon or don’t eat meat, you’re still good to go.

Really, all it takes is a little learning, or printing, and you can set out your own meals.

There’s no particular reason to work out a whole months meals, or even meals for a week. Apart from making your shopping easier. You can simply plan just a few days at a time.

Of course there are a zillion fantastic recipes on the internet, and from time to time I use these too.

However, like most people I have ten or so quick and easy meals that I make more or less all the time.

Plus, I like to have a few snack items for when I’m extra hungry. This is always a great idea, as it will keep you on the keto path when the munchies hit.

So, what are the basics for the best keto diet plan?

The Best Keto Diet Plan

The first thing to know is that you need to know how much of each food group you can eat each day. These are your macros, and are:

  • Carbohydrates – 5% of your daily intake
  • Protein – 20% of your daily intake
  • Fat – 75% of your daily intake.

To discover how many ounces or grams you need to eat from each of these food groups visit the keto diet calculator. Follow the instructions and enter your weight loss goals.

You will end up with a clear summery of how many carbs, protein and fat grams you should be eating each day.

If you’re interested in knowing why these macros are set in this way visit keto diet plan weight loss for a more detailed explanation.

Now you know how many grams of each macro you can eat each day. So next, it’s simply a matter of choosing the right mix of foods that are going to keep you within your allowance.

How to mix and match foods to keep to your keto macros

The best Keto Diet Plan

You can choose to eat most of your carbs at one meal, or spread them over two or three meals during the day.

Your carb allowance is going to be super low, so this is the macro that you are going to have to watch the most.

It’s also the low carb intake that will get you into ketosis, and enable to you to gain all the amazing weight loss and health goals of the keto diet.

For more details about ketosis and how to get there quickly see:

How long does it take to go into ketosis?

Your protein allowance is going to be more generous, but you will still need to make sure that you are more or less in line with the protein levels set for you by the calculator.

One of the common mistakes made by people when they start the keto diet is to assume it’s a high protein diet. The keto diet recommends that you eat protein at a medium level, and in line with your weight.

In general the daily amounts are:

  • Male – 56g each day
  • Female – 46g each day

This is based on 0.8g of protein for each kilo of body weight, or 0.36 per pound.

Aim to keep your daily intake as close to your allowance as possible.

Fat should make up the vast majority of your daily intake. Make sure that you’re eating only healthy fats.

Many people struggle with the idea that it’s OK to eat so much fat, but this is an important part of the keto diet. You need to make fat your new best friend.

For extra information about this read Saturated fat: Good or Bad

Now you’re ready to read through the foods you mix and match to make the best keto diet plan, personalized for you.

Base your keto diet on meat, fish, eggs and cheese, especially hard cheese which is very low carb.

These items are all very low carb, or contain no carbs at all. Choose the fatty cuts of meat, and fatty fish over other types.

If you’re into processed meats, always read the labels. These sorts of meats can contain hidden wheat or sugar (carbs) which may put your macros out for the whole day.

Add in some above ground, non starchy vegetables for their micro nutrients, and fiber. Here are some great choices to get you started:

The best keto diet plan

Stir fry a few of these veggies. Alternatively, bake with cheese. Get creative and enjoy these vegetables which are all keto friendly.

Remember to use only healthy oils:

  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Butter – grass fed if you’re budget stretches to it.
  • Lard
  • Tallow
  • Cream

Ring the changes with keto friendly nuts

the best keto diet plan

Take care to measure out your portion, nuts are all too easy to over eat.

That isn’t to say you should avoid them, they offer some great minerals and vitamins to your diet.

Just be careful, don’t eat them straight from the packet.

The best keto diet plan looks ridiculous easy, is it really?

In one word: yes.

The keto diet has some tough love rules, especially when it comes to how many carbs that you can eat.

Moreover, it lays down the law with regard to your fat and protein intake too.

But the good news is these rules actually make it easy to follow the keto diet and to get it right.

By getting it right, I mean making sure that your keto diet is nutritionally complete. Don’t blow all your scrimpy carb allowance on a donut, and take the view that if it fits your macros your good to go.

The diet will work for weight loss if you do that, but you will not be eating healthily.

To see what you should be spending your carb allowance on, and why it matters read:

How many carbs can you have on a keto diet (making sure you’re eating the right ones)

Can you snack on the best keto diet plan?

You can snack, but snacks will count towards your daily allowance.

Snack too often and you may find that you don’t have enough carbs or proteins left for your main meal. It’s not so likely that you’ll overdo your fat intake, as the amount is so generous.

However, too many fats can be taken by mistake, and will prevent weight loss. The keto diet isn’t an all-you-can-eat buffet, so don’t take the view that you don’t have to keep a tab on your fat intake too.

Having said that, you will probably find that once you’re established on the keto diet you won’t need to snack very often. Fats and Protein are very satiating, and you’ll feel full for much longer than you did on a carb heavy diet.

So, visit Quick Keto Snacks. Find a few you love and make sure you have them to hand. This will save you going off plan when the hunger strikes mid meal times.

This guide to the best keto diet is short, and intentionally so. If you look through this site, you will find detailed articles on every aspect of keto dieting.

This is well worth your effort, but the intention here was to show you that you can easily get started on your keto diet, and develop your own keto diet plan.

This will have the advantage of containing only the foods you enjoy, and can be altered at any time.

There is enough information here for you to mix and match any number of great, nutritionally dense meals that will be tasty as well as keto friendly.

So, choose your meat or fish. Add a Keto friendly vegetable or two and you’re ready to eat.

Ring the changes with the addition of cheese (almost all cheeses), nuts or eggs and you could have a gourmet meal in no time.

Think lobster and avocado, or if that seems a little steep, bacon and eggs should fill a gap.

There are literally thousands of meals that you can make. Don’t believe the often quoted “keto is too restrictive”.

Leaving bread, pasta and rice off your plate isn’t as difficult as it seems once you understand how tasty the alternatives can be.

Always weigh your food, don’t guess. Download a keto tracker and record everything you eat. This way, you won’t be going off the keto diet without knowing it.

Finally, once you’ve started on your keto diet, take the time to have a look at all the information on this site. The information here will help you on your journey.

Plus, its always good to know the science behind the keto rules too.

Knowledge is power as they say, and you’ll be soon seeing the benefits in your weight loss and your health.


For a full list of keto friendly foods see Top 100 keto foods with nutritional values

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