Free Keto Diet Plan (get started)

free keto diet plan (28 day keto diet plan)

Starting the keto diet will be one of the best choices you can make for your weight and health goals. To help you to get your keto diet off to a great start, we are offering you a free keto diet plan, get started today!

This 28 day keto diet plan is complete with recipes, additional notes and shopping lists.

The plan also includes an introduction to the keto diet, and explains how to work out what you need to eat each day. This is a free plan which you can download, no need for email addresses.

It is our hope that we can enable more people to discover the life changing benefits of the keto diet.

The link for the diet plan is at the end of this article. You can either read it here at Living Well With Keto, or you can download the complete ebook which you can read online, or print it for later use.

What is the Keto Diet?

Free Keto Diet Plan

The keto diet plan is proven to be a highly effective method of losing weight, reversing or preventing numerous diseases and improving cognitive function.

Unlike diets based on the old calorie in/calorie out method, this diet does not expect you to go hungry. It is a proven diet that aims to help you to achieve your goals by eating in a way that is in tune with your hormones.

By doing this, you will be using your natural body processes to actively help you to utilize your stored fat to meet your daily energy needs.

Further, you will be turning off your body’s fat storing signal. Your body will learn to use the food you eat for fuel, and to give you long-lasting steady energy throughout the day – no more after lunch slump.

The keto diet can even reverse type 2 diabetes.

Plus, because the foods eaten on the keto diet are super satiating, you will no longer feel hungry in between meals. You will find that your need to reach for the snacks will be greatly reduced.

On top of all of these gains, the keto diet has also been proven to help lift your mood and to lessen anxiety.

How does the keto diet work?

free keto diet plan

The keto diet is based on the proven idea that it isn’t how much we eat that is making us fat, but what we eat.

The keto diet restricts your total daily carbohydrate intake to 20 net grams or less; no more than 5% of your daily intake. 25% of your nutrition will be protein, and the remaining 70% of your daily requirements will come from healthy fats.

By following these guidelines you will reach a state of ketosis. This is the healthful state which will bring you multiple health benefits including the ability to:

  • Prevent fat storage and the use of glucose for energy by putting your body into a state of ketosis.
  • Train your body to efficiently switch to burning fat for fuel to meet its energy needs, thus reducing unwanted body fat. This includes hard to shift visceral fat.
  • Stabilize blood/glucose levels
  • Reduce dangerous chronic inflammation, thereby reducing or preventing many health issues.

For more details about how the keto diet works read:

How does a Keto Diet Work

You can also discover your own personal allowances of carbohydrate, protein and fats by using this keto diet calculator.

What’s in the free Keto Diet Plan ebook?

Free Keto Diet Plan

You’ll learn how to get started in a way that will make your transition to keto eating as easy and comfortable as it can be.

There are plenty of tips on cleaning up your diet, and cutting out the foods that will not be allowed on the keto diet plan.

Of course, there’s no need to do this ahead of time, but if you plan properly there is less chance of you finding it difficult for the first few days.

One of the most important tips is the need to clear out your cupboards of all the foods that you won’t be able to eat.

I neither buy nor store off limit foods. If it’s in the house, sooner or later I’ll eat it. So unless you’re super strong, having a clearing out day will be something that should be on your pre diet list.

Another great idea is to get yourself a good set of scales. Its important that you don’t just guess the amounts that you’re eating, especially in the beginning.

See this article for tips about how to judge the amount of food you’re eating. It also discusses the best sort of scales to use if you want to weigh your food and track how much your eating.

All about Ketosis

The keto diet plan also has a section all about ketosis. I strongly recommend that you read this, and familiarize yourself with what to expect.

Normally ketosis is achieved without problems, but from time to time the so called keto flu can become an issue.

It’s fairly easy to deal with, once you have it, and can be avoided altogether if you know in advance what to do to make sure that this doesn’t become a problem for you.

You can read about it here.

Shopping lists and eating out

The keto diet plan also includes detailed shopping lists to help you get organized in the first few weeks.

There is also a great section on eating out. You’ll soon get very good at knowing where you can get great keto food when you’re enjoying a fast food or restaurant meal.

The links

This is the link to the keto diet plan which can be read here on the site:

Free Keto Diet Plan (28 day keto diet plan)

You can also open the ebook in a PDF format which you could then print off if necessary:

Click here to download and print your 28 day keto diet plan

Take your time and read through the book, especially the introduction which will really help you to understand the science behind this amazing diet.

Finally, take a look around the site, there is everything here that you’ll need to know to get you started on your keto journey.

Thousands of people have already found that they can lose weight and reach all their health goals in a way that is both quick and long-lasting.

It’s our aim here to bring this healthful way of eating to as many people as we possibly can, and we wish you all the best as you embark on taking control of your body.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to leave a comment.





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